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Handball is a team sport in which two teams of seven players each pass a ball using their hands with the aim of throwing it into the goal  Team members ‎: ‎7 per side (including goalkee. Team Handball Basic Rules. The Basics. The Playing Court: The court measures 20 meters (65' 7") by 40 meters (' 3"). The court is larger than a basketball. Table of Contents. Playing Rules, Hand Signals, Clarifications and .. The size and weight of balls to be used for Mini- Handball are not regulated in the normal. Notable scoring opportunities can occur when attacking players jump into the goal area. Outside of own D-zone, the goalkeeper is treated as a current bingo niedersachsen lose kaufen player, and has to follow field players' rules; holding or tackling an opponent player outside the area results in a direct disqualification. The ball is spherical and must be made either of leather or a synthetic material. The first international games were played under these rules, between Germany and Belgium by men in and between Germany and Austria by women in American football eight-man flag nine-man six-man sprint touch wheelchair Canadian football Indoor American football Arena football.

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Substitutions must be made in the special area near the center line and the sub cannot enter until the player has left the court. There is evidence of ancient Roman women playing a version of handball called expulsim ludere. Players are not permitted to hit, pull or punch the ball. All other players, except the defending goalkeeper, must be outside the free throw line while the player takes the penalty from the penalty line 7 meters. If the attacking team does not make sufficient progress eventually releasing a shot on goal , the referees can call passive play since about , the referee gives a passive warning some time before the actual call by holding one hand up in the air, signalling that the attacking team should release a shot soon , turning control over to the other team. The sport is usually played indoors, but outdoor variants exist in the forms of field handball and Czech handball which were more common in the past and beach handball. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


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